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NCG has the skills you need,and we have the credentials, portfolio and client references to prove our abilities.

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Cutting-edge & Innovative solutions

NCG provides comprehensive, and customized solutions that can increase your effectiveness in a remarkable way.

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NCG partners with you to help enhance your core business and help you become more impactful and effective.

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NCG expertise enables clients to harvest maximum benefit and enjoy the greatest return on their investment.

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Comprehensive Consulting Solutions

Putting Our Model Into Practice

Our consultants can help you integrate our model into your program. We specialize in designing, developing and implementing comprehensive solutions for organizations focused on building strong, effective work cultures and climates. We create value by increasing people’s awareness, knowledge and skills – which results in high impact outcomes, lowered costs and decreased risk for African-American males. The first step is always collaborating with executive leadership, management and direct services staff to gain an understanding of the organization's vision, strategy and goals. We then initiate the following approach:

Program Assessment—A complete review of your system to assess organizational cultures and climates and identify its unique strengths, areas in need improvement, and to make recommendations for enhancement.

Professional Training—On-site customized training for staff at all levels and areas: executive, mid managerial, administrative, program, academic, interns, and/or volunteers.

Comprehensive Consultation—An on-site partnership to resolve issues, answer questions and chart strategic directions related to integrating elements of our paradigm into your program.

Development of a Training System—A customized system that enables you to address the complex issues of effectiveness and provide you with practical tools to self-consult and evaluate your own staff in a specialized milieu.

We customize strategic planning tools, processes and measurable solutions for our clients. Our consultants are particularly recognized for their ability to develop and deliver targeted customized processes, programs and solutions that are linked to the strategies and needs of our client organizations based on both qualitative and quantitative data.

Our core set of standard practices includes up front organization assessments and feedback with joint identification of priority issues followed by planning, implementation and evaluation. Each solution is established according to the organization’s priorities, goals and objectives. Our work is very practical, interactive, energizing and skill building which allows for immediate application to daily activities at all levels throughout an organization.


Workshops and Seminars for Staff:

• “Disappearing Acts: A Paradigm for Engaging and Involving African-American Men” ™©
• “Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Creating Environments of Support for African-American Men”™©
• “Destiny Is Not A Matter of Chance: Building Skills in African-American Men (The Rites of Passage)”™©
• “Keeping it Kool to Keep it Up, Keeping it On, to Keep it Real: Why African-American Men Wear the Mask”™©
• “The Nehemiah Project: A Comprehensive Overview” (A Train-the-Trainer Workshop and Seminar)™©
• “A Raisin In the Sun: Increasing Parental Involvement to Support African-American Men”™©


Workshops and Seminars for African-American Males:

•“Filling In the Blanks: Helping African-American Men Navigate and Negotiate Excellence and Success ”™©
•“The Nehemiah Man”™©
•“We Real Kool: Why African-American Men Wear the Mask”™©
•“The Past Has a Past: Looking Back to Look On”™©
•“African-American Man Emerging”™©
•“Stepping Stones To Building Blocks: Moving Up to Move On”™©
•“Re-discovering Excellence in African-American Men"™©

Supplementary Support Services:

We also can also offer you knowledge, skills, and training in specialized areas. Expert training is available in the following areas:

Incorporation Strategic Planning Program Development
Grant Writing Featured Speakers Special Events
Publication Development Marketing and Sales
Advertising Fund Raising Research Design
Community Building Public Relations Lesson Planning
Curriculum Design Proposals Business Planning
Copy Writing Trade-marking Graphic Design



Self-Help Publications, Curriculum and Other Tools

"The Nehemiah Project: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Achieving Excellence in African-American Men" ™© (Coming soon!!!)
This 200 plus-page, seven, content-area social and life-skills curriculum and guidebook includes workshops, seminars, activities, and events that are designed to address the holistic needs of African-American males where they are and move them to achieve their maximum potential. Utilizing an Afrocetnric paradigm and framework, predicated on the principles of Nguzo Saba, the content, goals, objectives, outcomes and methodologies derive out of the context of African-American culture. Hence the titles of workshops, seminars, activities, and events are based on African-American literature, music, and popular culture themes. The approach is comprehensive, individualized, developmental, behavioral, seamless, and community-based.

Each workshop and seminar, activity and event include cutting-edge technology, information, skills-building, cultural insight and wisdom per session and is designed to be delivered over a period of 32-weeks. All workshop and seminar modules or tracks begin with a comprehensive series of assessments. Workshops, seminars, activities, and events are strategically woven together to create a series of modules that impart critical information, builds transferable skills, and offer opportunities to demonstrate their application!


"Strength to Move: Re-discovering the Excellence in African-American Men”™© (Coming soon!!!)

Remember those moments when everything you touched seemed to turn to gold (on the athletic field, in the classroom, at home) and your every effort dazzled with brilliance. Have you ever wondered what happened to those days? Are you an African-American male who is seemingly caught in a position of in-decision about which direction you want your life to take or a professional who works with African-American men and want to help them rekindle the magic and “get there”. If so, then this book is for you.

This 200-plus page book incorporates priceless African-American cultural insight, wisdom, knowledge, and information in the framework of a 12-step paradigm that will enable you as a reader to look introspectively at where you are presently socially, personally, professionally, and spiritually and help you gauge your current journey and provide you with a roadmap to help you get there wherever there is for you!

This book is not just another self-help publication or feel good, quick fix empowerment cliché. It is designed to help you identify current themes throughout your life’s journey, recognize both the forward moving and complacent patterns inherent in your experience, and help you build a vision for the rest of the journey! It is a self-help and empowerment book that reads like a novel, with a twist of autobiography. It is a must read for African-American males who dare conjure up the strength to move in pursuit of excellence again!


“i-Team"”™© (Coming soon!!!)