Putting the NCG Paradigm into Practice

Our experts can help you integrate our paradigm of consulting solutions, professional development, technical assistance and featured speaking events into your program of service delivery that include:




We customize strategic planning tools, processes and measurable solutions for our clients. Our consultants are particularly recognized for their ability to develop and deliver targeted customized processes, programs and solutions that are linked to the strategies and needs of our client organizations based on both qualitative and quantitative data.

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The Best-in-Class Consultants

Clarence "Tuck" Reed

Clarence (Tuck) Reed is an entertaining and engaging speaker who is an authority on the culture of poverty. Reed has worked in various capacities as educational consultant for Girls and Boys Town over the past 27 years. . .
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Farrell Artis

Farrell Artis, author of "Guys Let's Keep It Real" brings to the world of urban education exactly what it needs: relevant, reality-based training and staff development services. A product of the Texas public school system who became involved in the world of drugs, violence and other issues Farrell understands the urban male perspective. . .

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Professional Development Tools

NCG offers comprehensive professional development workshops, seminars, and institutie for organizations, instiutions and agencies as well as the African-American men whom you serve.
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Featured Speakers Bureau

NCG’s Featured Speakers Bureau provides access to a full range of professional speakers that can deliver keynote addresses, lectures, workshops and/or seminars for institutes, conventions, conferences, and other corporate events. NCG’s is your resource for executing an outstanding event. As subject matter experts with more than 75-years of combined experience in the industry, we have the creative program ideas to make your large or small event a success! you that is tailor made to your event or program.

Our roster includes a who’s who among elite speakers who have subject matter expertise across multiple industries and sectors. We are uniquely positioned to offer you the services of true ‘cream of the crop’ motivational speakers. Whether you need a specialist for a particular subject or any other type of motivational speaking professional, we will design a proposal package.
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